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We want you to know that our
move by your people was very
professional. We are extremely
satisfied with a job well done.
Best move we ever had.
Thank you very much.”

-Joan & Wayne

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Before Your Move

Have a garage sale.

Purchase moving boxes and packing supplies.

Make a list of all companies you will need to change your contact information with then do so.

Fill out change of address form (Canada Post).

Ensure movers have all your destination details, and include phone numbers and email addresses.

Close old utility accounts and set up new ones.

Start packing a few weeks in advance. This will ensure less stress as you prepare for your move.

Fill a box with essential items to unpack first at your new destination.

Clean all appliances 24 hours before your move date.

On Moving Day

Keep phone connected, or keep your cell phone handy so you can be contacted if necessary.

Do a final walk through to make sure nothing has been left behind before locking up.

Remember to turn off all the lights and turn down the thermostat.

Carry currency, jewelry, documents, and medications yourself.

Arrive at your new destination before the movers do, or have someone there to meet them.

Walk through your new residence to ensure all is ready for your items to be unloaded.

Check that utilities are working.

Give clear directions as to where you want item placed as they are unpacked from the truck.

Unpack essentials box, make beds, and unpack bathroom items.

Relax, order in dinner, and put your feet up. Smile…you’re home!